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Conway Arabians

What We Do

At Conway Arabians, we have a distinct vision for our Arabian horses. Our goal is to breed strong, healthy athletes that are not only beautiful but a true pleasure to be around. We do not settle for mere beauty; we breed with the goal that our horses will possess both the physical structure and disposition necessary to excel in competitions and on the trail.


Available Horses


Who We Are

We bought a farm in Micanopy, Florida, in February 2022 after spending over 20 years at our home in Chatfield, Minnesota. We decided to move to the Ocala area after taking a vacation in January 2022. During our trip, we encountered a fantastic farm formerly known as Town and Country Farm (Lasma South), where Alec and Louise Cortelis raised and trained incredible Arabians. This opportunity solidified our decision to make the move. - read more

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Kristie Hoppe

Barn Manager

White Sheet

Conway Horses

At Conway Arabians, we proudly offer three Arabian stallions for public stud. These magnificent horses embody the excellence we strive for in our breeding program. They are strong, healthy athletes with beauty and outstanding personalities. Moreover, each stallion boasts impressive achievements in both the show and breeding arenas. The mares of Conway Arabians are selected based on strict criteria. They must have the conformation, disposition, and pedigree to produce beautiful athletic performance horses.


Available Horses

The horses on our sales list were raised here on our farm outside and in a group environment. This allows them to develop their minds and bodies as horses were naturally intended. They can gallop up and down hills, building strong bones and tendons. The varied terrain teaches them to balance and use themselves naturally to their best advantage. They learn to cope with a mixed environment and the great outdoors, to deal with the elements and variants of footing and weather. In short, they know how to be horses; therefore, they are solid in mind and body.

We bring them into the training program when they are three. They are first taught ground manners becoming accustomed to crossties, grooming, clipping, bathing, etc. After that, they are professionally trained, starting in lines and progressing in a step-by-step process to have a solid foundation. 


A collection of photos and videos of our farm, past events,

and most treasured memories of our Arabian horse life.

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