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2014 AHT Readers' Choice Half Arabian Hunter Horse of the Year - Maybelline CA!

Congratulations to Rachel, Dale, & Laurie Enns on Maybelline's win at the AHT Readers' Choice Awards!

Here's a reflection on Maybelline's 2014 Show Season written for Maybel, by her rider Rachel:

"My name is Maybelline Enns and I am five years old. I have won five National Championships, one Reserve National Championship, and three additional National Top Ten awards. My national championships are in the Futurity, Maturity, AATR 19-39, and Junior Horse divisions. Notably, I carried my Rachel to her first ever National Championship, and I am extremely proud of my success in the Junior Horse division with my beloved trainer, Tom. The proudest moment for me in 2014 was when I won the Maturity at the U.S. Nationals because I reclaimed my title from the year before and earned the red roses both years that I was eligible to compete in the class. I like to go on trail rides and walks when I am not showing, and my favorite singer is Chuck Berry. I am honored to be nominated for Horse of the Year. My story has only just begun …"

And from Rachel:

"The 2014 show season was my first with Maybelline C.A.+/, which, in itself, was a highlight. We competed in five shows and had successful moments at each. We spent the year bonding and developing a strong relationship as teammates. After nearly 24 years in the industry, I experienced the most rewarding year that I’ve ever had, in terms of prizes. On my 13th year of trying, I succeeded in achieving the dream of a lifetime by winning my first Canadian National Championship. Then, about two months later, in what still seems like a surreal experience, I won my first U.S. National Championship, on my 9th (12th, if one counts the Youth Nationals) year of trying.

Cheering for and watching my fellow barnmates and friends succeed in the ring were also highlights. Going for trail rides and walks around the different grounds with Maybelline was a highlight, too."

We are not only proud to have bred this wonderful mare, but also that she has been under the care of our trainer Tom Theisen her whole entire life and career. She is 100% Conway Arabians bred & trained. We look forward to watching her continue to grow and succeed with Rachel & Tom for years to come!


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