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2014 in Review

With 2014 now behind us, we reflect on the great year we had with our horses, clients, and friends.

We had a slew of new pairings, which led to much excitement and anticipation in the barn; Rachel E. & Maybelline, Arla & Dvinci, Jill & Emele, Rachel S. & Proximus, Lori & Pilot, Tom & Bandy.. My Dad made his debut in the show ring, and was joined by his sister, Jane. Almost every horse & rider pairing shown by the farm this year was brand new. And yet, what a successful year we had! As it would take me forever to write them all down, I am going to limit myself to a few moments & teams that shine in my mind.

Tom Kafka & DR Ima Cherished Won - Tom K. and "Spice" had a fantastic year. High scoring at shows, personal high scores, and winning Regionals, along with a Top Ten at Canadian Nationals! They were so in sync this year, and it was a joy to watch.

Lori showed Noble Way in Native Costume, and though she won Canadian Nationals and was Reserve Champion at U.S. Nationals, the moment that stands out in my mind the most happened after the class was lined up and "behind the scenes." Finals night at U.S. Nationals, the purebred Native Costume horses were in the line up and there on the rail was a 7 year old girl. I think there's just something magical about little girls and horses, and seven seems to be right about that age when you are completely consumed. And this little girl was. It was clear she had not only fallen in love with all our Arabian horses, but Noble Way in particular, and as the announcer said to "Cheer for your favorite," cheer she did. Noticing her on the rail, after the judges' cards were turned in, Lori rode Noble over to the girl, where she was able to pet him. After the class the girl and her mother found our stalls and we pulled Noble Way out and let her sit up on him, and give him some treats. One of those moments that just brings you right back to when you were little.

Rachel was one of those girls, horse crazy from the start. Rachel Enns has been riding pretty much her whole life, and came into our barn 15 years ago. We love Rachel. I think everyone loves Rachel. You just can't not. She has an unwavering devotion to these horses, and this sport. This year Rachel won her first National Championship at the Canadian Nationals, and then went on to win at U.S. Nationals as well, with her beautiful mare, Maybelline CA. I'd say that Rachel had been striving for that moment her whole life, but that's not quite right. With Rachel it's always been about the journey. The education of the sport. The partnership with your horse. Striving to know the intricacies of riding your horse so well that you are ready, calm, and confident in the ring. Congratulations Rachel. You did it. And with that, came roses. Big, beautiful red ones. And lots of tears, too.

Can this coming year possibly top 2014? I'm not sure. But it's going to be a lot of fun trying! See you in the barn everyone!



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